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Lifter's Name Erica Hamilton Gender F
Club Cougars Weightlifting Club State QLD
Coach Miles Wydall
Age Group U23 Weightlifting Age 22 (Born 2001)

Personal Bests


Competition History

Queensland Cup86.9544681128/10/2017125.063K
Qld All Schools Championships85.70(+6) 50(+1) 69(+7) 11912/11/2017133.636K
Cougars Club Mike Keelan Shield Competition85.184873(+2) 1212/12/2017136.212K
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 184.50507112127/01/2018136.654K
Queensland U15 & U17 Championships78.70(+1) 51(+-4) 6912020/05/2018139.744J
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 279.04(+1) 52(+-4) 6912123/06/2018140.633J
Queensland Junior & Senior Championships77.70(+2) 54(+0) 73(+6) 12722/07/2018148.768J
Cougars Weightlifting Club Competition77.485375(+1) 12818/08/2018150.138J
AWF Junior & Senior Championships77.95(+1) 55(+1) 76(+3) 1318/09/2018153.225I
Queensland All Schools Championships77.55(+1) 56(+2) 78(+3) 13411/11/2018157.108I
CWC Mike Keelan Shield Competition78.35(+2) 58(+-1) 77(+1) 1351/12/2018157.533I
Queensland Senior Championships77.90(+4) 62(+3) 81(+8) 1435/05/2019167.311H
Queensland Junior & U23 Championships77.6060781382/06/2019161.750I
Australian U20 & U23 Championships77.50608014016/08/2019164.193I
Cougars Weightlifting Club Mike Keelan Shield Competition77.72628014230/11/2019166.319H
2020 Qld Junior & U23 Championships76.50(+1) 63(+1) 82(+2) 1458/03/2020171.099H
2020 Qld Club Challenge - Chandler - Round 276.60(+5) 68(+6) 88(+11) 15625/07/2020183.965G
2020 Qld Senior Championships76.72678715411/10/2020181.471G
Again Faster Cougars Cup in conjunction with QWA Club Challenge Rd 376.62(+2) 70(+-1) 87(+1) 15712/12/2020185.120G
Qld State Junior & U23 Championships78.00688615420/02/2021180.255G
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition78.20668715321/03/2021178.874G
Qld Senior Championships F71kg - F87+kg; M89kg - M109+kg78.80648314718/09/2021171.256H

Competition Attempts

Queensland Cup86.9536404460646844681128/10/2017
Qld All Schools Championships85.70454950656972506911912/11/2017
Cougars Club Mike Keelan Shield Competition85.1848484866707348731212/12/2017
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 184.50465053677174507112127/01/2018
Queensland U15 & U17 Championships78.70454851616569516912020/05/2018
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 279.04454952646974526912123/06/2018
Queensland Junior & Senior Championships77.70465054656973547312722/07/2018
Cougars Weightlifting Club Competition77.48495356687275537512818/08/2018
AWF Junior & Senior Championships77.9551555870747655761318/09/2018
Queensland All Schools Championships77.55505356717578567813411/11/2018
CWC Mike Keelan Shield Competition78.3551555873778058771351/12/2018
Queensland Senior Championships77.9055596272728162811435/05/2019
Queensland Junior & U23 Championships77.6056566074787860781382/06/2019
Australian U20 & U23 Championships77.50535660768083608014016/08/2019
Cougars Weightlifting Club Mike Keelan Shield Competition77.72555962768083628014230/11/2019
2020 Qld Junior & U23 Championships76.5057606378828463821458/03/2020
2020 Qld Club Challenge - Chandler - Round 276.60616568818588688815625/07/2020
2020 Qld Senior Championships76.72636770838790678715411/10/2020
Again Faster Cougars Cup in conjunction with QWA Club Challenge Rd 376.62636770838790708715712/12/2020
Qld State Junior & U23 Championships78.00646868828690688615420/02/2021
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition78.20626670838790668715321/03/2021
Qld Senior Championships F71kg - F87+kg; M89kg - M109+kg78.80606064788183648314718/09/2021

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events2085%78%82%
Higher Events (National/International)283%83%83%
All Events (Overall)2283%80%82%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-4kg - 18 events-5kg - 20 events
When missed-6kg - 3 events-6kg - 1 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ76F81QLDU2308/Sep/2018Broken by Emily Robinson
CJ76F81QLDYouth08/Sep/2018Broken by Erica Hamilton
SNATCH55F81QLDU2308/Sep/2018Broken by Emily Robinson
TOTAL131F81QLDU2308/Sep/2018Broken by Emily Robinson
CJ78F81QLDYouth11/Nov/2018Broken by Kelsey Francis
TOTAL134F81QLDYouth11/Nov/2018Broken by Erica Hamilton
TOTAL135F81QLDYouth01/Dec/2018Broken by Kelsey Francis
CJ82F81QLDJunior08/Mar/2020Broken by Erica Hamilton
CJ82F81QLDU2308/Mar/2020Broken by Erica Hamilton
CJ88F81QLDJunior25/Jul/2020Broken by Kelsey Francis
CJ88F81QLDU2325/Jul/2020Broken by Rebecca Mckay
TOTAL156F81QLDJunior25/Jul/2020Broken by Erica Hamilton
TOTAL156F81QLDU2325/Jul/2020Broken by Erica Hamilton
TOTAL157F81QLDJunior12/Dec/2020Broken by Kelsey Francis
TOTAL157F81QLDU2312/Dec/2020Broken by Kelsey Francis
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