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Three reasons to become an affliated club

There are loads of benefits to becoming a SAWLA affilated weightlifting club. All you need is at least 1 AWF qualified coach (with current qualifications) and 5 athletes who are current SAWLA members.

Here are just a few things you'll get when you register your club with us.

1. You'll have more protection. Your club gets included in the Australian Weightlifting Federation policy for Public Liability Insurance.

2. You'll get access to subsidised training. Build the expertise of your coach or coaches for less cash outlay. Affilate clubs have the opportunity to apply for subsidised training for AWF courses.

3. You can build your brand. When you're unaffiliated, your athletes can't represent your club when they compete. That means when someone checks out their stats on the AWF athlete profiles (it's a thing), they'll see a sad blank space where your club name could be. What a waste!

When you're affilated, your members names and scores are linked to your club name in competitions and published results. You can also:

    • host and conduct official club weightlifting competitions at your club gym
    • host state weightlifting competitions (subject to venue suitability).

If you're ready to register your club with us, just fill out our SAWLA club affilation online application

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