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Lifter's Name Musa Kamara Gender M
Club --- State SA
Coach Steven Tikkanen Michael Golshani
Age Group Mast 35-39 Weightlifting Age 39 (Born 1979)

Personal Bests


Competition History

Odd Socks Club Competition76.2510012022017/04/2015278.590B. I
NSW State Masters Championships75.81(+3) 103(+7) 127(+10) 2309/05/2015292.220B. I
Olitek Oceania & Australian Masters Championships75.001031252286/06/2015291.484B. I
NSW Masters, U15, U17 Championships76.021021282309/04/2016291.757B. I
Olitek Australian & Oceania Masters Championships75.10102131(+3) 2335/06/2016297.646B. I
IWF World Masters Championships75.40(+7) 110(+-1) 130(+7) 2401/10/2016305.880A. II
World Masters Games/Championships78.15(+1) 111(+3) 134(+5) 24529/04/2017303.391B. I
SA State Championships76.201001152156/05/2017269.874B. II
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup75.75110137(+2) 24727/10/2017311.050A. II

Competition Attempts

Odd Socks Club Competition76.259510010511012012510012022017/04/2015
NSW State Masters Championships75.811001031041201241271031272309/05/2015
Olitek Oceania & Australian Masters Championships75.001001001031201251271031252286/06/2015
NSW Masters, U15, U17 Championships76.0295981021151211281021282309/04/2016
Olitek Australian & Oceania Masters Championships75.101001001021251311311021312335/06/2016
IWF World Masters Championships75.401031061101301351351101302401/10/2016
World Masters Games/Championships78.1510210611113013413911113424529/04/2017
SA State Championships76.2090951001101151001152156/05/2017
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup75.7510511011413013714311013724727/10/2017

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events479%89%83%
Higher Events (National/International)580%60%70%
All Events (Overall)978%73%75%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-7kg - 5 events-6kg - 8 events
When missed-4kg - 3 eventsN/A

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ127M77NSWMast 35-3909/May/2015Broken by Musa Kamara
CJ128M77NSWMast 35-3909/Apr/2016Broken by Musa Kamara
CJ131M77NSWMast 35-3905/Jun/2016Broken by Haiyang (Kenn) Zhang
CJ131M77AWFMast 35-3905/Jun/2016Broken by David De Rose
TOTAL233M77AWFMast 35-3905/Jun/2016Broken by Musa Kamara
TOTAL233M77NSWMast 35-3905/Jun/2016Broken by Musa Kamara
TOTAL240M77AWFMast 35-3901/Oct/2016Broken by David De Rose
TOTAL240M77NSWMast 35-3901/Oct/2016Broken by Haiyang (Kenn) Zhang
TOTAL245M85SAMast 35-3929/Apr/2017Current Record
SNATCH111M85SAMast 35-3929/Apr/2017Current Record
TOTAL215M77SAMast 35-3906/May/2017Broken by Musa Kamara
SNATCH100M77SAMast 35-3906/May/2017Broken by Musa Kamara
SNATCH110M77SAMast 35-3927/Oct/2017Current Record
CJ137M77SAMast 35-3927/Oct/2017Current Record
TOTAL247M77SAMast 35-3927/Oct/2017Current Record
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